Delish Class

 Sally from Delish Designs. Beautifully presented every time. Sally really knows how to do it.

Her pages have clean lines, little wow factors, clearly instructed and are completely achievable. Sally is a fun teacher, enlightning us with the finer details of Delish Designs.

We did 4 pages in this class. Yes, can you imagine? We had 2 hours. Precut, ready to go.

This is also how I run my Wedding Class, where we complete 20 stunning pages in 8 hours using the Delish Designs Peppercorn range. Here’s a link to a prior class we held. We will be running it again on a Saturday next term. 

Sally’s class wouldn’t be “Sally’s class”, if she didn’t have something delicious for us, and I carried this baby home to my kids, where Child #2 gleefully gobbeld it up.  

Lots of “wow”. And those tiny flowers… we made them. Yup. I’ll be showing in the next Delish class we do just how they are done.


One response to “Delish Class

  1. Loved Sallys class as usual, have got three of the foue compet with photos, on display instore now, really enjoyed making the flowers, come in to the store to see how I finished mine off, wham oh!!

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