Lucky Mamma

Last Sunday was Mothers Day

Child #3 wrote this in his card.


Crafty, yes.. but CALM? Hahaha.

And child #4  made this. He said it was to decorate my laptop (somehow). Not quite sure yet what he has in mind, but it looked pretty swish as a bracelet.

Then my child #2 baked proffiteroles for me.

Today Josh is very unwell, this morning I could hear Child #3 in his room trying to ease his crying, telling him “It’ll be ok Joshy, shh, it’s okay”. I saw the other change his DVD for him when the movie finished. And Child #2 has spent her entire life sleeping in the next room, how she does is beyond me, with his crying all night. She has never complained.

They are compassionate wonderful children.

Now I think THEY are the crafty, loving, caring, fascinating ones! How lucky am I?


One response to “Lucky Mamma

  1. You are all such a beautiful family, they get it from You & Andrew.

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