Supporter Stories

We are holding The Biggest Morning Tea tomorrow morning at The Scrapbook House. 10 am till 12pm. We’d love to see lots of faces. Come down, say hi and chuck us a buck!

Taken from the Biggest Morning Tea Website.

Supporter Stories

Make every cup count and help improve the lives of people like Donna Streater

Donna Streater was only 37 years old when she was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer. As she prepared for surgery, she also prepared to say goodbye to her family and friends. She would be leaving behind a loving husband and parents, three children, the youngest of which was only 2 years old, and a network of close childhood friends.

“As they wheeled me off for surgery I remember looking into their eyes and saying to myself ‘take a picture, take a picture of their faces, because you might not see them again.’”

But Donna survived. Thanks to not only her surgery and treatment, but also to the support and love she received from her family and friends.

Now, ten years on, Donna participates in Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea and hopes as many people throughout Australia will do so as well. So please help us in 2009 by making every cup count and register to become a host.

Chances are you know someone like Donna who has been affected by cancer and you can help by making a donation today.

You can view Donna Streater’s cancer story here.


One response to “Supporter Stories

  1. Glad to hear you had a successful Morning Tea…..I’m going to one on Thursday at a patient’s house and she has so much planned it will be an all-day morning tea…..I applaud all the hosts round the country for opening their homes and businesses for this cause.

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