7 Gypsies

There’s a whole lotta 7 Gypsies in stock now.  Gypsies stuff always is at that next level, it’s beautiful, it’s artistic, it’s different. I must admit though that with all that, it’s been a little ‘scary’ for me. I love the gaffer tape, “it’s cool”, but “what to do with it?” I love the phototurns, I love the vintage papers, I love the metal embellishments, but they always seemed a little daunting to use. I couldn’t do them justice. My style of scrapping surely wouldn’t suit. Or could it?


Well, as I have grown with my scrapping, I have tried different things. I don’t have a “style”. I just do anything I please, and it depends on a lot of things. The photos, the products on hand, my feelings at the time and where I am gaining inspiration from.

After our 7 Gypsies class in Sydney with international tutors I came home motivated and wanted to play some more. Trouble is I have been working every day, and there is just not enough hours in the day! I just loved our Printers Tray (they are on the wall in the workroom with the other SIA  creations) and I can’t wait to share this with you. I have been asked a number of times to do this in a class and the answer is “Yes, I’d love to!”

We can all be creative together… I have learned it’s not scary at all! We can all be beautiful, artistic and different!

6 responses to “7 Gypsies

  1. I have loved their printers’ trays since I first saw them on a blog somewhere….I’m also not sure if my style suits 7 Gypsies products but so much could be done with that tray!!

  2. When you do run this class book me in. This is one class I will find time for no matter what.

  3. Go Diana, you will love it, we had such a great time creating this at SIA, see Nat’s version with her special touch, very nice.

  4. very nice – i love 7 gypsies

  5. Yesterday I dug out some 7 Gypsies papers I bought on clearance but have been hanging on to because although I love to look at them they scared me a little…….I made a page about Mother Guilt (as a result of Oliver’s reaction to the flu needle) and also used my new Glimmermists for the first time……turned out ok but I have plenty left over to have another crack at……not intimidated by 7 Gypsies anymore!

    • go Louise, we love 7 Gypsies here at the Scrapbook house, I have just designed another extension class for term 3, very nice to work with.

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