Stupid boys

My girl came home from school today with a humiliating story . Don’t we all have them from our school days? I know I do. Luckily she can laugh at the situation and it’s all become very funny.

They have stairs at her school, and she had been in a hurry so she wasn’t being so careful of her footing and she tripped. Not a ladylike trip either. A nice splat, hitting her lip on the way down and ending up in a messy sprawl.

Now I would think this was embarrasing enough if anyone saw me, boys or girls. But I would hope my friends would be supportive. (My friends actually would point, and laugh loudly, but that’s my friends) My girl didn’t have friends with her. Only a group of boys behind her. Older boys of course.

Did they laugh at her ? (One would only expect) Did they offer to help her up? (One would only hope) Did they gasp and ask if she was ok?(one would assume)

No. Nothing. They didn’t speak to her, they didn’t look at her, they moved aside and walked past her (one stepping OVER her). Not a word. Not a snigger. Not an offer of help. Not the reaction she would expect. Stupid boys.

Think she felt insignificant? Hee hee. Splattered little insignificant bug on the steps of the school yard.


8 responses to “Stupid boys

  1. Oh Emily! Hope you are ok…..I actually think I would rather be totally ignored in this situation than have any reaction at all…it’s like they were so self absorbed that they didn’t even see you….you can safely pretend it never happened! xxx

  2. Stupid boys, so wraped up in themselves, ….. thier mums would be horrified to hear that situation happened! Glad you are ok & can laugh about it now Emily, good lesson to learn though, dosen’t matter how late you are or how hurt you are (etc), you need to take care of ‘you’ , I wish I had learnt it sooner in life.

  3. Sandra Dawson

    oh no, poor girl!!! Hope it wasnt my boy. 🙂

  4. Yep boys,they never grow up.

  5. makes one think that these boys have seen this type of thing happen many times before….and therefore thought nothing of it!

  6. Makes me wonder just what they teach at that school? How ill mannered and care-less a nature these boys have developed! Shame on them!!! My poor little grand-daughter lying there all sprawled out in a heap too, what an opportunity for the boys to show that chivalry is not dead, yet. I guess it is, how sad ;(

  7. Her Dad says “Give it a couple of years and she won’t go by unnoticed by boys”.

  8. scary thought

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