Glue Glider Guns

If you’ve ever scrapped with me then you’d know how fussy I am with my adhesives. It has to stick good. It has to be easy to use. It has to be the right adhesive for the right job. Therefore I have 15 different adhesives in my kit, and no I am not joking.

I have always loved the red tape runners. Our absolute favourite choice of adhesive. Unfortunately the wholesaler has been out of these FOR MONTHS. It’s driven me to despair as I use the last of my runner. My poor customers have had to use the “next best”, and it you are like me, you’ll only use “next best” when you seriously have to. Everyday I hear “are the red runners in yet?” and I sadly report the same “no, sorry” every time.

Good news. I have found a new tape runner that I love.

Not only is it good, it’s better. It’s longer, and Heaven have mercy, it’s refillable too. Instock now. Now I just hope the wholesaler has plenty of these.

© 2004 QBaroo

They have refills, in repositional, high tac, perma tac and squares. Come get yours today.


4 responses to “Glue Glider Guns

  1. Never mind how good it sticks……I want one ‘cos it looks cool!

  2. I agree looks cool and its pink (mostly). It will match my scrap room, super cool.
    Diana 🙂

  3. Not only does it stick, look cool and is pink but it is good fun to set up the camera in hotel rooms, switch it to timer mode grab your glue glider gun and pretend you are a “charlie’s Angel” and shoot anything that moves while pulling funny faces at the camera. We seriously need everyone to have these “MUSTYS ” for retreat. Yay… bring it on!!!!!!!

  4. amen Nat!! we had such fun doing that photo shoot!!!

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