Copic Class

Anyone use Copic? I did this class and learned to blend and colour with these groovy pens.

While I loved what I did, I still love my watercolours. Funny how we get attached to our favourite techniques.

The biggest trouble I can see is that I will require too many colours, needing to have each shade and then the refills too. I can see this emptying my purse very quickly, so I am not convinced in stocking them yet.

Think they are cute? The blending technique you can see is the shading of colours, most noticeable on the shoes and dress, where there is a darker shade.


2 responses to “Copic Class

  1. I love Copics and have watched many video tutorials online…..but geez they are expensive when you consider how many shades of each colour you need to get great effects…..they really are fab though!

  2. I too have seen heaps on line about the Copics and wondered about them as they certainly make blending look so easy… but guess it still comes back to the user too…. I tried one of the courses on line with the Tombow markers but they just balled up the paper and what I have seen of the Copics they don’t do that? Mmmmm will wait and see what you decide to do about them Tania….. 🙂

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