Busy busy

So busy that this blog has been neglected.

But… I have been creating… and at work every day of the week early catching up on backlog of work, seemed to have piled up being away so much. I had kids class pages to complete, with instructions and all and have got a fair way through it.

This week, I have done 6 layouts for classes. Phew! No wonder I am neglecting this blog. 

The kids classes for the school holidays are shaping up to be fabulous, with cardmaking in the mornings too. Emily is now working in the shop, and is keen to see some more ‘challenging’ layouts and cardmaking projects for the teenagers. Bring it on. She’s shaking it  for me and we have decided to add some of the projects from the adults classes for the teens and more confident scrapping kids. We are also putting on the scrap sketch for kids too in the holidays. I will have a holiday brochure out soon with all details. If you know anywhere we can get our brochures out to kids that might like these classes, give me a shout.

Here are some sneak peeks of layouts coming up.


One response to “Busy busy

  1. Great idea Emily… Isabelle is looking 4wd to sketch class again and the “Memories of Family” sneek peak looks a bit of a yummy class!!!

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