Simple things

I hope you had a good weekend. Today we made playdough and it was so good. The first batch was a complete mess, but the second batch was groovy, and we tripled the recipe to make a decent amount.

I used to make playdough for the kids often when they were little. Oh man I sure needed plenty of playdough to keep them busy. We have a box of ‘playdough stuff’ and it would keep them entertained for hours. Simply, they love to play with tactile stuff and I love watching them knead and fold and create. A shape comes first, then it evolves from there. Today we had all manner of things, from a bird feeding a worm to a baby bird in a nest ( oh I know I should take photos) to some ‘unmentionables’ to prove my boys really are growing up ( I am very glad we didn’t get photos of that!).

My kids used to sit for hours, quietly and not-so-quietly playing with the stuff. It’s magical, the feeling I get watching the three of them sitting together, sharing ideas and just enjoying themselves. Today, watching my big kids playing with playdough was so lovely, (not to mention eerily quiet) as I thought that our playdough time was over.

 I love the whole process, they used to help me a little, now they can do it themselves. Cooking and mixing, reading the instructions, getting the ingredients (more importantly, putting them away) and even allowing them to tip food colouring in themselves. A job I would almost always do myself to save all sorts of dramas, like ruined clothes, inky fingers and stained benches. Man, we have had our fair share of that!

Today they sat together, laughing and talking and I am grateful that I have children who can sit together on a Sunday afternoon. They had plenty of fun making ‘noodles’ and then at pack up time, mixing all the colours to a big yucky mess. They love being “allowed” to do that today, not something I would normally let them do if we have gone to all the effort of 6 different colours.  I am proud that even though they are big kids, they can still enjoy the simple things. For a little while at least, before they go back to yelling at each other and chasing around the loungeroom.


11 responses to “Simple things

  1. Playdough is fun. I’ve recently aquainted myself with it. Little O has some very cool contraptions that do all sorts of things with playdough.

    Very cool.

  2. I hate playdough and am grateful that Oliver isn’t that into it- maybe ‘cos I never suggest getting it out! Cool though that your kids can still find the fun it it 😉

  3. Oh Tania, that sure does bring back great memories …. the kids and I used to spend hours with it too…. we even had a hairdressers set, put the boy or girl, think there was a man and woman too, figure in the chair with different types of hair styles on their head then pump the play-dough through the chair and the figure and the hair styles would be there when we took the shape of the style off their head… there were scissors and razors in the pack too, so then the kids would get to cutting the ‘hair’ as well… we had heaps of other sets too, picnic fruits etc to put in baskets as well as just the biscuit shape cutout and I can remember the loooong snakes too as well as the amazing imagination they used to have….

    • Generation after generation we rediscover old truths. Sometimes wrapped up in new togs. As far as I can remember, and that has become ages, kids get more amusement out of simple things. U give them an expensive shiny new toy and it keeps them excited for an hour or two but then they put it aside for some simple basic item that costs very little. Sometimes takes the gloss off giving the big shiny one. Beter watch I don’t fall of my soapbox!!!

      • Ha ha, off ya soap box! Yes, kids sure love simple things, but unfortunately it’s computers and nintendo’s that still hold the most value for my geeks.

    • The “noodles” were made from the little people hair set that you pump the dough through. Makes cool strings for nests too.
      Maybe we need to break out the sculpy clay for our cardmaking classes.

  4. Beverley Beerens

    I LOVE playing playdough with my SA grandkids. Louise , you wouldn’t mind if I bring a big box of playdough over so that Oliver and I can play with it together, would you ?

  5. What a great idea Tanya, I’m so doing this with my girls in the hols. At 12, 10 & 7 Ithink they’ll love it. Last hols we did “my kitchen rules” – get them to pick a country, give them a recipe book, some dress ups, help if they need it, and the run of the kitchen. Each restaurant was awesome, some dodgy recipes in there, but is was such fun.

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