Cardmaking this week

This week we are playing with shrinky dinks. I remember this stuff from 50 years ago, well maybe not that long ago, but at least 30 years ago we were shrinking Twisties packets to cool new dimensions in the oven.

You can no longer shrink a Twisties packet, they sure took all the fun out of that, but you still buy “Shinky Dinks”. They come in A4 packs and we have a variety of types here, and while clear is the most popular due to it’s ability to be altered easily with coloured pencils and pens, this week we will be working with the black. I only just discovered black recently, and love the finished look combined with Hero Arts stamps. This is Wednesday’s class.

Thursday we are working with the Crafters Companion to make a small gift box. These can be made to your own sizes easily with the scoring section f the crafters companion. This class only requires 3 cards, an envelope and a few gems, how’s that for a creative and inexpensive set. Come play with us.


4 responses to “Cardmaking this week

  1. Black shrinky dinks? Well I have never heard of that but it sounds like cool fun and those cards look great!

  2. Enjoyed every minute of Shrinkey Dinks, will be doing it quite often, thanks Tania your a legend.

  3. Twisties packets still shrink in oven despite foil lining…

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