Still scrappin

There’s time to scrap. No time for housework, but time to scrap.

I hear it often enough… “if only I had the time”. Well, there is no spare time.

You only get the same amount of hours in the day as the next person, but somehow it seems like “she” has more time, like I am getting a raw deal, and missing out somewhere. Not true. We all get the same, no matter where we go, what we do, there is only 24 hours in a day. I tend to use up my hours, and squeeze every last minute of the day, unfortunately my squished in minutes are often unproductive and I would be better off going to bed. Trouble is, when you knock off late and don’t get home till 9.30 there are so many things not done.

Mail is piled up on the table, each one a job I need to do. Sigh. Projects are left undone. Kids homework is not sorted and don’t even get me started on the housework. It’s enough to send one into a deep depression.

Somehow, I still find the time for myself. I think I WOULD be in a deep depresssion if I did not. I hang with friends occassionally, even if I am tired; to laugh, to vent, to play. I sit and hold hands with my King in front of the tv, because he needs me to, because I can’t type one handed. I find time to talk with my kids, even if their rooms are messy, they are growing so fast.  I find time to spend dinner with my family every weekend: we love the  catch up time together.  I find time to scrap too, even if my desk looks like a bomb hit it. Sometimes I even find time to sleep.

I hope you manage to find time for yourself, to laugh, to play.

And sleep.


One response to “Still scrappin

  1. you’re so right Tania- you must always make time for yourself!

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