Grand plans for the weekend

Oh we all love the weekend. What are your plans? My plans for the weekend include:

edited Sunday night

catching up on washing – yes, thank goodness, we see the bottom of our 3 baskets, as well as Josh’s floor… man he has more washing than 2 of us put together. I lost count how many loads we did, around 6 I think. That’s only a load each. Ha.

cleaning out the pantry (kinda sneaky as I’ve already finished this task today) This looks lovely, and I get a nice feeling when I open the door again… the rest of the family however think I am competely crazy to have things all in a nice row, labelled and boxes thrown out. I also sorted the lined cupboard, and LOOK OUT if someone puts a pillowcase in the tea-towel spot.

completing Rachel’s class layout This was fun, our ladies will love this class.

designing a card class Yes, done, thanks to Hero Arts.

getting on the treadmill (at least for 15) Ahem, didn’t get to this.

sleeping in Sure did

ironing uniforms I am the kind of person who irons every morning, but I thought I’d try something different seeing as I was catching up on the washing (and Andrew usually does this). I washed and ironed all our uniforms… omg there are a lot of unif0rms for all of us for a week. I think I prefer having a little each day… it takes TOO long. I might enjoy a little easier mornings though this week, somehow I just think I will get roped into more jobs in the morning instead.

movie with the kids Watched The Tooth Fairy (G rated) This is funny. We all enjoyed it, even Matty sat through the whoel thing.

working on the newsletter Oops, no, didn’t get to it. Could be doing that now.

reading Finished the Short and Second Life of Bree Tanner this weekend. Good to cross it off the list, it sure is short.

family dinner Roast Chicken tonight, and Miss L made Caramelised Banana for desert. Yum.  Game of Tri Bond.. I won… woo hoo!

then if all goes well I can add in some painting (then I might pick up the broom if there is enough time) No painting, darn it all, but Andrew vaccumed the whole house. Must have felt sorry for me doing so much washing and ironing.

Have a great weekend I sure did, hope yours was great too. xxx


3 responses to “Grand plans for the weekend

  1. Not nice calling The King a treadmill.

  2. Cleaning the WHOLE house
    Washing and more washing
    Cutting down trees (verge side pickup)
    and then the good stuff
    Getting hair cut and coloured
    Kids around for Saturday dinner
    Heaps of time with my very special husband
    A good weekend (no scrapping but desk almost clear0
    NEXT week will scrap

  3. I do all my ironing in one go…..takes about 4 hours and I watch whatever I’ve recorded during the week to pass the time. I prefer it over dragging the board out every day 😉

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