Still here

There’s plenty happening… just not enough hours in the day to blog about it too.

In short –

  • working everyday (love it, but am wearing out, some nights too)
  • went to aspergers meeting last week. Interesting, not sure how much I gained from it. Maybe I am past it?
  • got plenty planned for the shop, classes done, and even photographed and added to newsletter. Pretty swish.
  • had a tiff with my husband over a cancelled internet service (and emails too- so anyone who privately emails me will not get through) Oh my goodness, talk about turn me upside down and give me a shake… I will say no more.
  • Child #4 got a cold
  • I got a cold
  • Child #1 got a cold
  • it IS bloomin cold
  • last of the term classes on this week, wish the term didn’t end. My Thursday night girls are going to continue to meet. Maybe some more might join us for informal scrapping on Thursday nights during holidays?
  • scrapped with some friends
  • realised the end of financial year is almost upon us and I have WAY too much stock. Thinking I need a sale to reduce some of it.
  • My baby boys (ok ok, I know they are not babies anymore, but they are MY babies) were confirmed tonight and then we went out to dinner. So nice.
  • I began ‘dieting’ again this week. But, confess to eating more than one block of chocolate, I won’t admit to how much more, lets just say ‘more’. But… I lost weight anyway. How’s that?
  • Went with a friend to a follow up aspergers parent chat group, not sure I am cut out for these kinds of groups.
  • we are going out to dinner again tomorrow night (think the diet might not be so crash hot this week)
  • did I say it’s cold? man it’s cold.

So… busy, happy and doing ok. I hope you and yours are doing well too.

Night. xxx

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