Three Crayons

You only get three crayons to make your picture. Which colours do you choose?


17 responses to “Three Crayons

  1. blue(sky), yellow(sun), & green(grass)!

  2. Definitely red, blue and green!!!

  3. Three colours I would choose Red Green and Blue.
    If I had an option of four, I would choose Cyan, Yellow Magenta and Black.

    Either way, they would allow me to make any other colour.

  4. I would choose green for the ground, blue for the sky and bright yellow for the sun, if I was to draw nature.

  5. Red, Turquoise and Black- just loving this combo at the moment

  6. pink, lime & black

  7. Cyan, magenta, and yellow the primary colours, like Chris I would make others. (Probably the scientist in me) πŸ™‚

  8. do we get free crayons if you liked our answers teacher?????

  9. OH is that my problem????

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