Something I never believed was possible.

Have you ever had something you never believed was possible… but then you experienced it and discovered otherwise?

I want to hear about it.

Here’s one from me.

I never believed that I would love any differently after I had a baby. I love my husband deeply and I wanted children with all my heart. I loved my first child before I even met him, I didn’t think anyone could love any more than I do. My Mother knew.. she told me that it would change, it would grow, but how could it possibly grow? I was already full to the brim. I didn’t understand.

Then he was born… and everything changed. It was overwhelming. It was glorious, and indeed a new love was born in me. One I never deemed possible… an unconditional love.


4 responses to “Something I never believed was possible.

  1. Yeah I once believed it wasn’t possible for me to win the Lotto and guess what I was right 🙂

  2. But I won something so much greater than all the money in the world could possibly buy.
    I won 3 of the most amazing children a mother could possibly envision for herself.
    3 outa 3!! How blessed am I?
    More blesssed than the Virgin Mary!

  3. I’m wondering if I have enough love for this new little baby boy in my tummy…….every mum with more than one baby that I’ve asked this question of answers the same way…….

  4. Hmmm…wasnt quite so instantaneous for me….she definitely grew on me and now I love her as much as it is possible to love, but it certainly didnt happen straight away…

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