Printer Trays

 Our class on Friday night was so much fun. What  lovely group of ladies to spend a Friday night with. They all created beautiful artwork and are keen for more trays. I didn’t have a pic, so I found some to show here. The white one would just look gorgeous for a Christmas display don’t you think? I can see some white vintage look here.

The first 7Gypsies tray class booked out in a day, before the newsletter even went out, so if you like the look of the Printer Tray class and missed out, there is another one on at the end of the month. My sample is on display at The Scrapbook House, and I will take a photo and send out with the email newsletters soon.

We did all sorts of lovely techniques using 7Gypsies papers, chipboard, metal embellishments,  fabric, hessian, and even 7Gypsies Wax Seals. We now know who the firebugs might be.

Here are some alternatives to the original that is included in our class. Let me know if you’d like me to hold you one, I have plenty coming, but many are already taken.

© 2004 QBaroo© 2004 QBaroo

© 2004 QBaroo

© 2004 QBaroo

7 responses to “Printer Trays

  1. Tania i am in love with those painter trays. I think i want one of those ones with the different sized holes too now!

  2. Hey Tania, when’s the next class?

  3. Seems to me there were several students in your class with FAR TOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS. Their time was not well utilised and they wasted it by grafitting other’s property… where are the cops when u need them?????

    I’m on to you Scully feature!!!

  4. Good deal… I know just the guy to get me some choc!!!!

  5. hehehe cool post bro, keep sharing 🙂

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