Crazy for Lego

We all thought it would be a good idea to head down to the Art Gallery here in town these school holidays and WE  WERE RIGHT.

My boys had the best time with thousands of pieces of Lego whilst my girl and I wandered the Gallery taking in the artworks. My King happily stayed home with Child #1 and it must have been peaceful quiet for him for a couple of hours.

When I read in the Midwest Times that Lego for kids was coming to the art Gallery I thought.. “Oh yeah, someone’s got a few bags of Lego and dumped them for the kids to play with”. My boys spend hours and hours with the stuff at home but I was curious as to what they would actually have there. What could it hurt? It was a good option these holidays, cheap, the boys really wanted to go, and it’d be a win-win for the boys and the girls, so I wagged a day off work  and took them.

I didn’t expect WHITE Lego. This was a lovely surprise, and the next best surprise was that it was PLAIN Lego. My boys are so pre-occupied with colours and there are more “special” pieces than regular pieces in their home kit. They get hung up on the people, and are forever changing hairdo’s and trouser pieces on the little men figures. The colours have to be just right, and it is nothing unusual for 20 minutes to be spent looking for that ONE perfect piece. 

So, as you can imagine, this was a lovely surprise. White Lego, let your imagination run wild.

Check them out! There’s my boys. This photo was taken from the level above, can you see  Dan, he’s got the red hoody. My oh my… that’s a LOT of Lego. Matty said he could swim in it. Haha.

They are already planning the trip back there next week with Dad.


11 responses to “Crazy for Lego

  1. Helen Counihan

    Terrific! my children would have loved that in their day. The closest we got to that was the world exhibition that Baird’s hosted whilst is was in Perth, probably about 20 years ago! They didnt get to play with it. But I still have all their lego 🙂

    • Wish I’d known Tanya, we were loitering in town yesterday – couldn’t face the day at home with no power. Maybe next week!

    • Helen, I would love to see an exhibition. My boys desperately want to go to Legoland. If I had a million dollars… THAT’S where they would go.

  2. Mind you, the girls loved the drama workshop at the library – keep up the good work guys, you are keeping us sane!

  3. OMG! I love love love that it is all white……I wonder if you can buy all white lego??? I also remember the big lego exhibition that would come to the Myer centre in Brissie when I was a kid- but that was strictly looking not touching…..I dare Andrew to not play with it when he goes with the boys next week!

    • I’ll be there on Monday. Heaven!
      I like the metropolis look.

    • Matthew is already looking to see if he can buy white. He now thinks he needs more “plain” lego so he can just build. Andrew has been saying for so long now that it’s annoying that lego keep bringing out special pieces, that the “brick” building is not used much anymore.
      I am quite certain that Andrew will be playing too. There were Dads there making all sorts… pretty cool.

      • I’ve started to look at Lego in the shops….Oliver needs to graduate from Duplo….and I have noticed that too- what ever happened to basic construction?

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