Lanky Leg Girl Painting

It has taken me a long time but she finally has her painting. I thought she was off her rocker when she asked me for a painting for her birthday from me… I don’t do paintings for others, I just dabble for fun, just for me.  The pressure of having to create something ‘for her’ was disturbing. Don’t get me wrong, she’s not critical (thank goodness, I don’t need any more criticism… I do plenty of that myself) but she wanted something I made especially for her.

So.. while I can use a paintbrush, I have no other skill that the primary kids don’t have and no idea where to start. Of course I see other art and that inspires me, so I guess that is where the journey began. Everything is inspired from somewhere. Colours, textures, all just added as I went. Layer after layer. Too many of the colours didn’t work, but who said I had to make anything work? I wanted red for my background… so red it is. My girl chose some of the colours too, and I didn’t agree with each choice, but went with it to make her smile.

My girl is happy with it and that is all that matters.

Some of it I really really don’t like.. but she insists that she does and I cannot change it and I won’t spend any more time worrying over how it’s not right. Instead I will be happy that I have finished my art and presented my 13 year old daughter with something that was from the heart.

And she is. My lanky leg girl.

I have used mixed media; paints, acrylic and watercolour (see I know no rules), papers, texture paste, pens and inks. A learning effort. It’s on canvas, although sections of watercolour papers have been drawn on and adhered to the surface. The whole picture is quite big, about 14″ x 20something” perhaps. My favourite part was the girls face and hair. I think I’d rather do just that… without all the rest of the hoo-haa on the canvas to worry about. Next time… there’s always next time.


7 responses to “Lanky Leg Girl Painting

  1. Oh that IS cool….

  2. Love it Tania, you are just soooo talented. I do so love the girl too, so cute. The cats are perfect too. I bet your daughter is thrilled with it…..

  3. It is awesome… Isabelle will be incredibly jealous when she see’s it!

  4. I love it- it’s whimsical…… time just do the lanky legged girl ‘cos she’s gorgeous!

  5. This is a very sweet painting!

  6. Wow, that is beautiful – I’d be ecstatic with that!

  7. Thanks guys… you are too kind.

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