Completed Album Unit

As I am cleaning and sorting out room by room I have been thinking more about effective storage and display for my home.
Take for example the kids room – it needs to be practical, so they can get to their stuff, but also simple so that the sorting process isn’t hard to do. ie THEY can EASILY put away their stuff and find it for the next time they want to play. The King had a bit of a laugh with another bloke the other day over my “organising” of the boys room, saying I was over the top and they kept all their stuff organised when they were kids without the help of their Mums. Somehow I think they were having a lend of me. But my kids have SO MUCH stuff, and the boys are not ready to part with any of it yet. I understand that. So, big plastic drawers are the best option for them. It’s no display home so practical wins over stylish there. Joshua’s room is set up so things we need are within reach, so as not to have to put the rails up on his bed everytime we reach for wipes or medical supplies.  Again – no display home here!

I am working towards my lounge room, also where my scrap stuff and computer is. I have little or no idea about what I want, how I want to do it, I just would like it nice… and nice it IS NOT. practical it IS NOT. Very untidy it is. Insanely maddening it is. This room is going to change soon as we will need the corner bookshelves to go to make way for a door to Joshua’s new room, so the structure of the room will be different. It does my head in I tell you! My King insists that I need a massive new desk first, and he really wants to build me one. I love the man dearly, but do I REALLY want him to begin another project? He assures me that most of my sCrap will be hidden and I will feel happier that we don’t walk into the room looking at the 50 yr old table that I am using now. It was a makeshift table and I’ve had it since the new workroom at the shop. I am also using a 4th  hand desk for my albums, it really should go to the tip or be used as firewood, but I am using it to display my precious albums.

That’s where I came up with an idea. 

I drew up the plan of a neat little unit to house JUST my precious scrapbook albums. There are THOUSANDS of hours of work in them, so surely they deserve a protected cabinet to preserve them in. After all, they will last a lot longer than I will. My design was looked upon by the King with dismay, although I think he was secretly pleased I drew up a good plan. He really wants to work on the desk. So who am I to say no? After all, he built me a great pantry, (oh and a fair bit of the house we live in too) I guess he can build me a desk. I bet it’ll be a brilliant desk.

My last born child uses a program at school and I asked him to whip me up a 3d version of my album cupboard… he’s a little whiz! Look what he did from my drawing.

 The handles are shaped and even have little screws (just the right colour) in them.

It doesn’t have all the albums inside it yet.. but I bet ya he’ll be workin of that tomorrow. If only I could get my King to be as motivated.


7 responses to “Completed Album Unit

  1. whoa that’s clever! Chris keeps saying he’s gonna build this and he’s gonna build that……..but if Andrew can whip up a new scrap table and this little album cabinet you’ll be one lucky lady! Maybe you could make it taller and have albums in the bottom and jars of pretty flowers and buttons among your mini-albums on stands in the top section? Just a thought…ooo maybe I’ll go re-organise my supplies……

    • I don’t foresee anything “whipped up” here in the near future… unless I change families… hee hee
      I do wish I had your neatness and eye for design Louise.. I’m such a pig.

      • I dunno about the “eye for design” but I sure love being neat….maybe my neatness is just my design style hehehe

  2. Perhaps you could consult an expert *ahem*, initials LB anyone??!! And, JOsh’s new room??!! So out of the loop, fantastic news. We’ve gotta talk more. And cover more topics. And find an extra 3 hours in our days…xx x

    • I could.. but then I’d need someone to organise it every week for me… I need a personal assistant… haha !
      Josh’s room – all approved… got the building license etc… just waiting on the builder now.. he left the country to gallivant around Thailand.

  3. Selfish Bugger. Great to hear for all of you xxx

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