New plants

Why I bother still eludes me. I get new plants… love them… then neglect them… then they shrivel up on me… get bugs… dry up… or just plain old die. But oh, I  do love them.

My beautiful big palms have begun to fall over.. my bushy green fern lost it’s retic… and there are bugs and spiders amongst the dirty old pots.

I had today off, unusual for me to have Saturday off, so we wanted to use the day for something productive. It looked yuck out there in our patio so we decided to give it a makeover again today, but I just know I will get busy again and neglect it. We have potted and scrubbed the pavers, sweeping and cleaning. It’s hard to be motivated when we don’t use it in the Winter months and the plants are not doing so well without care.

Our backs sore, we went to Bunnings to buy some replacements for those that just can’t be rescued. We have been trimming and repotting, and will finish off tomorrow. Our hands are dried up and it’s cold out there. Right now… the kids have become all inspired with the patio again and are out there in the dark with the firepit going full of twigs and wood.

I feel sorry for the new plants that get to come home with me… knowing they could be going to better homes.


3 responses to “New plants

  1. Ha! You should see our patio at the moment…it’s destructo-dog central with chewed up plants, retic, dirt, toys and a very very dusty grubby outdoor setting…..that’s Chris’ job when he gets back Saturday morning- to get it ship-shape!

  2. sounds a bit like my back patio, I did a bit of repotting last weekend & the evidence is still there!! the trick I have found is to get the plants that survive even if you neglect them for a while, this time of year is good to get things going, its the summer months that I struggle with, lose a few plants (& motivation) then, lol. good luck with the make over.

  3. Sounds like hard work Louise… I’d put it off if I were you … unless you got something BIG planned??? Coz it will only get chewed, mauled and dirty again!!!

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