Since July 2006

Way back then I had an idea. I thought it might be a good idea to start a blog. An online journal of sort for work, with a little family thrown in for good measure.

Well it seems that ” family”  has dominated my blog for the past 4 years as much as I like it to be about work, and as I have been blogging along for 4 years, I now have a bucketload of data from wordpress. I keep track of visits, how many hits there are and what is the most viewed pages and see the figures on how many hits a day.

I have a few very popular posts… the ones that get the most visits are The Exploding Box… remember this one girls from years ago? 


I believe the reason this is so popular is because there was a downloadable tutorial on how to create this, and that boxes like these are perfect for any reason, any season. Me? I just love boxes.

Seriously this link has been clicked on 1,464 times to date.

The next most viewed and clicked on pages are a series of Cricut pages and there are quite a few who get through to this blog somehow by searching birthday cakes or something.. weird. Cricut is popular worldwide so I understand that, not that there is anything special about what I have to offer with the world of Cricut.

This one was popular… actually I might like to go back and do another just like it with the new Prima flowers.

The next most viewed (and my highest hits) is when I talk about Joshua, my darling little boy. Not so little anymore, but my darling none-the-less. His special needs mean parenting is different for us, and writing is one of those coping mechanisms I guess I have leaned on throughout the years. I try not to write too much about him, I can become quite the bore when I go on and on, but you don’t have to read, and still choose to. Thankyou.

But some people out there read this, and my previous posts and some people have been there with us, thinking about Joshua, praying for Joshua, sending him love.

Love for the  highs.

And love for our lows

and when I have been sick… then find he is sicker and I hate myself

Sometimes I shared part of our day

Testing takes all of 5 seconds

Sometimes life is scary

 And sometimes you might  feel my pain like I feel his.

Even the everyday stuff


And the fun times… oh we love the fun times.

Love that kid! Family might dominate my blog… and that’s ok with me. Hope it’s ok with you too. xx


2 responses to “Since July 2006

  1. Its absolutley OK!!!

  2. I don’t know how I came to your blog initially, probably because of a cricut cut file. My favorite posts those are the ones about your family. I get a kick sometimes to of learning about life of an Aussie. Once you posted about hitting a kangaroo. Something I never would have thought of. We only have deer that get hit here pretty much (or at least that cause damage). I love to hear Joshua and the highs and lows of raising a special needs child.

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