We all suffered a case of Monday-itis today and just as we were all dressed in our uniforms and almost ready to leave the house this morning, we decided not to and stayed home. How naughty is that?

We don’t usually wag it, but the children had been dragging their feet, they were all not feeling well, so I made the executive decision (after much deliberation) to just give them one more day at home to recuperate. I felt so naughty!

Josh went though.. we didn’t tell him when he got home that we’d all wagged the day.

So, we sat for a longer time at the breakfast table together, just chatting over our bacon and eggs and I realised what the time was. It was about then I decided that I would work from home today and get some card classes on the go for this term. I only managed 3, and spent a good deal of the day staring at the tv the kids were watching. Time wasting.

I’ve been playing with Flowersoft and am just about to give up on creating something for a class with this. I am struggling with it! I don’t have my  Hero Arts Stamps here so that makes it worse, I am very reliant on my Hero Arts these days.

Off to class tonight – Scrap with a Sketch. I’m looking forward to it.

See ya!


6 responses to “Monday-itis

  1. I think we all need a mental health day now and then. Good decision. xo

  2. Monday is a nightmare at our house. I’m jealous!!

  3. Is that what I caught you doing?

  4. Ummaaahh!

  5. Going by my Monday… I reckon I shouldn’t have even got out of bed letta lone had bacon n eggs or any of the drama that followed… I had a big case of MONDAYITIS !!!

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