Crazy Cat

My old Siamese cat has feline dementia and I think it is affecting me worse than him.

Although it will affect him when he is threatened within an inch of his life to SHUT THE HELL UP! Being Siamese, he has very strong vocal chords, and now being Siamese AND deaf, he is almost unbearable to listen to. The kicker is when he decides he wants something… he just MEOWS for it… for hours on end. You can’t put him anywhere, he is louder and louder, straining  the howl, he is

driving. me. completely. insane.

I love my cat dearly, and I know he is confused and old… but how much can one take at 2am? I mean… I did my stint with 4 babies… I paid my dues. Josh is up most nights still and he’s nowhere near as obnoxious as Siam is acting.

I didn’t think cats could get dementia, but all the signs are there.

He forgets that he has been fed, he forgets where he is going and DEMANDS to be fed, then can’t eat because he is not actually hungry, he demands  to be watered, doors opened, even for someone to get onto the bed, he calls so loudly. He wanders around and then backtracks, odd behaviour when I’ve known him so well for the past 16 years.  He waits in the kitchen sometimes, and is like an alarm going off if you dare step in there… no joke, I should video this crazy cat. He’s a fry short of a McHappy meal for sure.

He’s on child #3’s bed now, but every night has been calling at my door to come in about 1/2 hour after I have gone to sleep. I am so sleep deprived and the cat is about to tip me over the edge. He calls and calls and calls and calls. There is no end. He is so loud, you’d have to hear it to believe it. I have been giving in for the past week and allowing him to come in… now my King says I’ve started something and it’ll be harder to break.

He seems to need us near, and if there has been a visitor, he’s worse after, especially if there is a canine friend visiting. He spends most of his day sleeping in a safe place where he know we are around (such as Josh’s bed) and at night seems to be worried and confused.

He sure will be worried and confused when he finds himself out at Point Moore.  (only joking of course… but he BETTER let me sleep tonight)


One response to “Crazy Cat

  1. My dad says that it only costs him 8 cents to make a bullet!!

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