Got new books and sleep

Oh things are looking pretty good!

Thankyou for your comments on reading material, I must write these down to purchase, I found myself looking at the row of books on the shelf at the shops today and couldn’t remember any of them that were mentioned here. So after a while I found a single edition of a book written my Tasma Walton, (a Geraldton girl; she worked at Fountains too), so I thought I’d take that copy home with me. Tasma’s doing ok, with hunny bun Rove on her arm, good luck to her and her spunk.  I also picked up a copy of a book about a dog. I don’t know quite what I was thinking, I guess I was just happy to be in a store and wanted to buy ‘something’ … it’s been a long time between shopping trips for me.

Oh, and my cat let me sleep. He is meowing as I type and I am ignoring him, but he has been ever so good since I wrote the words “Point Moore”. I guess he might be telepathic and figuring out that would be just too far for a 16 year old cat to find his way home. He’s quieter these days. He even let me sleep last night. All night. Thank the Lord. (oh, and the Kings squirty bottle of water)

It’s been a big week at the shop, with the classes all starting up again for the term and it’s been fun. Tonight we did the Artists Printer Tray again for the last time and they all looked fabulous, a lot of work, but worth the effort. I just loved the wax seals… a little fire always adds to the excitement. I have one kit left.. if anyone wants it then give me a hoy and I’ll keep it aside for you. There are a couple of trays left too, white ones.

Tomorrow is a 10th birthday party, we have a few of these this term, and they will be making the charm bracelet with Shrinky Dinks… I can’t wait to get into it, I know they are going to love it and I look forward to the oohs and the ahhs when they see how the oven shinks it magically. This is the coolest stuff!

Josh is going for respite care this weekend… so who knows? We might just go out on Saturday night… just coz we can! I wonder where we’ll go. Anyone done DOME for dinner? 

Happy weekend everyone.


4 responses to “Got new books and sleep

  1. yep, we went there last night, just love Dome!! Nicole & I often go there for quiet time together & sit in the corner lounging in the lovley comphy chairs looking out to the sea, the ambaunce is the best, & we are trying to work our way through the menu but Nicole just loves the “squashed frog” sounds terrible but its a super cool chocolate milkshake with a whole choc frog on top!!! the cakes & sweet treats that we have tested are all so yummy, I especially like the berry baked ricotta log (I think thats what its called) the mango fantango & berry bliss are both delicious if you want a cold drink. wow, I could ramble on for ages, better just let you go & check it out for yourselves, cheers!!

  2. hope you have a great weekend….

  3. We hang out at Dome in Midland all the time- they converted an old heritage-listed building and it’s got a lovely atmosphere. Oliver also loves the Squashed Frog and Sunday breakfast is a lovely family outing. Sometimes we meet some kids and mums for morning tea, sometimes Oliver and I just go for a “date”. The three of us had an early dinner there last Sunday but I personally prefer their breakfasts.

  4. Tasma’s book is excellent – very different to what I was expecting. Will be keen to hear what you think. Enjoy the week end xxx

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