This day – 18 years ago

There are some days with which we should remember, and mostly we are not overly big on birthdays and anniversaries, and occasionally we will make a big deal out of it if we feel so inclined. Mostly we are just so busy that it’s hard to keep up.

It is our 18th wedding anniversary today and we both had a lovely day at home ending with our ritual family dinner, My King made a roast, cooled it and then battered it for the whole family. It’s like cooking twice and everyone loves it.  Child #2 had a Tournament of Minds meeting here for a few hours with a handful of kids today.  Child #1 spent the weekend in respite care so it was very relaxing for us, we even went out last night to see a movie and grab a bite to eat at Dome. Mind you, it cost so much for 5 of us at both places it isn’t something I would be able to afford often, even if we had Josh in respite more often.

This morning I presented my King with a new wedding ring, complete with fake engraving on it – the black permanent marker was to give him a laugh. Don’t worry, the marker wears off really quickly, that is how my bracelet was “engraved” last time for Christmas when I bought it and asked him to at least get it engraved so it “looked” like it was from him. Well, it sure looked like it was from him. So, the marker on the gold is just our attempt at humour. He makes me laugh every day.

My King then surprised me with a gift box too. I was so happy to see that tell-tale box (he’d been in to see Basilia) and politely opened my card first. Such a nice soppy card too, he’s so up on brownie points.

I opened the box…


oh yay… candy…

Funny man. Gotta hand it to the man for making me laugh. He did have a nice gold bangle for me too – so so nice, I know how much he hates buying jewellery. Oh, and I DO love candy! And I do love that man… completely.

I hope you had a nice weekend.


7 responses to “This day – 18 years ago

  1. Congrats you two on 18 years! Love to you both xxx

  2. Oh that is cute… very sweet Andy!

  3. Pity it wasn’t an anklet….

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