Hit the ground running

Crazy busy last week, super relaxed with girl friends out of town over the weekend. Life is good and I can’t wait to tell you all about it, but it’s late, I’ve caught up with my emails and I need sleep like a skinny chick needs chocolate cake.

I got home from our weekend away with the girls tonight, unpacked, shared tales with the family and have given 2 haircuts. My boys look more like boys again, now just have to pin the hubby down. Working day and night again all this week except for the day I fly to Perth for Josh’s appointment, the hospital changed the day on me with a phonecall  just to shake up my life some more! Managed to get a flight organised with minutes to spare before my girly weekend(and got to go see my Nanna too). Amazing what you can fit in when you have to.

I’ve got scrapping to share too, so hopefully after work tomorrow night I will have time. Tomorrow it’s Rachel’s birthday so if you are down by the shop come say hello.


12 responses to “Hit the ground running

  1. So glad you had a great weekend with the chicks- you deserve it! What day you coming to Perth and will it be an overnighter? Oh and I need to know where Nat got those stunning red shoes!

  2. What a fantastic weekend. Can’t wait till retreat!

  3. Hi Louise… yeh they are Pretty kool arn’t they. Always get a comment when I wear them! They are Midas shoes and I got them in Ahearns. Saw them about 2 months ago when i was in Perth and they had sold out in 2 days the lady said but when i went back a month ago I spotted them again… new shipment in, so I was meant to have them. Also come in black and a different heel !

    • Ahearns?! I didn’t think there were any Ahearns stores left- I used to love shopping there……I’ll have to suss is out ‘cos they are too lovely!

  4. Good luck with the new babe coming soon… won’t Oliver be chuffed!

    • He does seem genuinely excited but I’m not sure if he really truly realises what it will be like to have a newborn in the house! My stay in hospital will be the first time I have EVER spent the night away from him and he has had me all to himself for 4 years, but then he might enjoy big brotherdom and he has already been saying that he will read all his favourite books to the baby and help with bathing, nappies etc….so we’ll see!

  5. Sorry not Ahearns.. it was David Jones…. same building, different name!

  6. No I think it may have been BOANS!!!! Now I’m OLD!!!!

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