Fun weekend

Tomorrow I go to Perth with Joshua for a follow up appointment at Princess Margaret Hospital. Tonight, the girls gave me the night off, so I thought I’d post some photos and get an early night in before tomorrows big day. Flights there and back in one day and I pray it all runs smoothly. Wish Joshy luck.

Last weekend I was privileged to spend 2 days with some great ladies. Well, let me rephrase that. Some great ‘ladies” and some great ‘dags’.

6 of us headed to the nearby town of Dongara for a girly weekend of comfort foods, chatting, late nights, music, and scrapbooking. There was laughing and swearing involved as we let our hair down as we bonded in the best way possible… with chocolate overload, oh and a little booze too.

It’s good for the soul.

No kids, no hubbies, (even though there were those who kept hiding in the bedroom with their phones) and no work. All play.

So there were 6 of us… Alison , Basilia, Lauren, Michele,  Nat and myself. We piled our scrapping stuff into 3 cars and took the trek 45 minutes to Dongara to stay at a lovely holiday home on the beachfront. We ran around bags’ing beds and I jagged a double bed, much to the disgust of Chele, who’s bag was promptly kicked on the floor. I slipped I swear.

 I’ll share some photos from our weekend.

We tried to take advantage of the afternoon light to get some photos of us together, but the silliness took over! What fun… and I thought working with kids was difficult.

We did get some nice shots.. but after looking at them… the silly ones are much more fun to post.

Beautiful Al, she tried to keep her head down all weekend. It’s the quiet ones ya gotta look out for you know.

Not quite sure what the cuddling in the tree was all about, but between that and frolicking in the soursobs, I think the locals were quite amused. There’s more amusing photos on facebook if you dare to care.

We got a whole lot of scrapping done too… even some challenges for this months’ Scrap Challenge at The Scrapbook House. So, you’ll see them go up on the wall. I will post them tomorrow  (edited – will do this at the end of the month as not all customer challenges are in yet)  for an online poll…. haha, nothing competitive about us!

This layout, inspired by a fellow diva scrapbooker, took this die-hard scrapper 12 hours to complete! OMG… should have seen her weaving every single row of muslin to create that background… haha, the background you can’t even see. Haha. Absolutely beautiful… hey, so are those jammies you reckon? This was just before midnight on the second night… still hours of scrapping left in us yet.  

It was also Basilia’s 21st birthday. Happy happy happy cracking Birthday Basilia!

I am so grateful for such fun friends to spend the weekend with. We had a great time, we laughed lots, we scrapped lots… now we are ready for the real retreat… in October. Bring it on!


6 responses to “Fun weekend

  1. Hi Tania
    If we have half as much fun and scrap half as many pages at Retreat as you six did it will be better than ever. Thinking of you and Josh today, fingers crossed.
    Love and Best Wishes

  2. What a great time! And you are right……..girl time is good for the soul….

  3. I bet it was a lot of fun. I need that!!! 🙂

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