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I know i have been slacking it a bit in the blogging department lately, seems every blogger goes through this… times when you just can’t seem to think what to say. I have been over on facebook lately and love that i can see what some of my friends are up to, it makes for a nice change.
So, I have 2 facebook pages, my own and also the shop’s page. I have uploaded some more photos there tonight, of our sketch classes, (although these are older, I can’t seem to keep up)
Click here Facebook
Head on over there… “like” our page… looking for some more numbers… numbers make my day. Hee hee.
I have added a few of the sketch classes there, like this one from Michele, featuring her Karate b0y

and this from Nat, there’s a flip up on this page as well to reveal the certificate awarded on this day

then this by me, of my beautiful messy princess. Loved this layout, was so fun, the journaling reads, This girl, is messy, has sugar on everything, has great humour, lets the animals on her bed, stays up too late, is creative, is smart, is beautiful.

and this by Rachel of her son at 20.

head on over to our facebook page and have a look at more from our sketch classes – held on Monday nights. (Link on the right hand side over there )


2 responses to “Layout Share

  1. I really love all your ideas on all your scrapbook layouts. I could never come up with something that good! I am currently working on my Year 6 scrapbook which i am throughly enjoying. I came across this blog looking for ideas and i think i have some! I really admire your work and will be looking on here in the future because i have now become obsessed with scrapbooking!!

  2. Isobella
    I am so pleased you like our scrapbooking, thankyou for the lovely comments. I will be sure to put some more pages up for you. xx

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