Challenge – please vote

Just when you thought the most important voting for the year was over… we need your vote.
Every month we have a challenge pack. Like this…

In it is an assortment of papers and embellishments, set to challenge to you create a layout using at least half of it.
The challenge packs often sell out, but rarely are they brought back in for us to hang on the wall…. we just love to see everyone’s work… of all levels… from all ages.
So… some of the girls heard me complaining that the challenge wall was a little empty of late so they decided to take up the challenge themselves.
And… they are now done… everyone one of them is wonderful.
They now go up on the wall and we can vote on them.

But competition between these ladies is fierce… and they will be eliciting your vote in any way they can. Some might offer you chocolate for your vote… some might beg you for your vote… some might offer to clean your house… Well, I could understand if you fell for that one, it’s worth a try.

In addition to the regular voting in store,  I am also having an online vote. This WILL count in the total tally. So you can vote here and also in store.

And a little secret… If you vote in store also – there could be a prize for you.

Check them all out and then vote at the end.

A. Exploring

B. Embrace

C. Spring

D. Dirt

E. On The Farm

F. Kitty

G. Jump Boots

H. Kindy


6 responses to “Challenge – please vote

  1. tough choice, well done girls, all are great!!!

  2. yep I agree, all look terrific but I made my choice!

  3. Haha, now that the “Special people” do a Challenge it gets a special mention hey? Not only that but all go on site too. WooHoo!. Bring it on… Now it’s become an even bigger and better challenge And may the best challenge win and not the one that is best at bribing for votes! I do NOT have a shopping bag full of bribe chocolates, it’s all in your imagination 🙂

  4. Spring is soo sweet! Definetly my favourite!! I vote Spring!

  5. I voted for my mum (F). Because she looks pretty. 28 years ago – over half her life ago!

  6. you are such a suck Chris!!!!!

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