Facebook Fun

If you have swung past our Facebook Page this weekend you would have noticed the activity of a few competitive souls vying for a prize.

We had a little competition, where the person who referred the most people to our page would win a Basic Grey set of papers, from the Wander range. Great prize.

I thought it would be a bit of fun, but I certainly did not expect the rucus it would cause between 2 of my favourite people.

My good friend Nat turned Evil.

She was canvassing for votes everywhere she went…even out for dinner at the packed-out Golf Club (great meal by the way Byron!) She even had flyers and interrupted people’s meals, strangers too. So funny!

My Sister-In- Law, Lauren gave her a good run for her money and even had people in England and Bali as well as some incredibly good looking male models.  She cornered everyone at work and hassled all her friends. It’s a wonder she has any left. ..

The numbers were in and Natalie is a clear winner. She wins the paper pack, (not the loser cruiser) and can now sleep tonight.

Thanks so much for all the laughs everyone! And keep “liking” the Scrapbook House Facebook Page.

EDIT… Updated pic, with fixed nail. Can’t have you looking scruffy now can we?


6 responses to “Facebook Fun

  1. OMG… I have broken my finger nail!!!!

  2. lol, congrats Nat

  3. GAWD… you are quicker than my nail tech… What else is wrong????? OOOh crows feet around the eyes!!!!

  4. How about you get some work done on your mono-brow? Can you tell I had “influence” last night when uploading this to the blog? It WAS family dinner night after all. Good laugh.
    Sorry. Will make it up to you and remove all beard hairs for future photos.

  5. Oh Thanx so much for letting me know, could’ve been embarrasing if I went out in public. Must book in to see the optician…. my eyes arn’t too flash these days!!!

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