Basic Grey Jovial


7 responses to “Basic Grey Jovial

  1. Please don’t tell me your holding another comp? Im only just over the stress!!! xoxo

  2. CMON lozzy…. Arn’t ya up 4 another challenge this weekend????

    I’m sure there’s a few people left who are still talkin to me!!!

  3. Hey Lauren whilst Tania is in hospital we could hijack the blog… what do ya reckon???? She’s high as a kite and won’t know for awhile!!! HEE HEE!!!

  4. Yes to the funny pics but no to the sumo suits…. I could just put a towel around my crutch coz I’m fat enuff anyway! Besides I’m not spending $60 to amuse her!!!!! I have quite a few fabulous shots on my phone of Tania… sure to plz blog readers!!!!!!

    • Permission granted to give Lauren and Nat a little fun whilst I am away.
      If they say there is 100% off anything… don’t believe them though.

      See you when I get back.


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