This is Lozzy….

Hey there retreating ladies!!! If you are as unorganised as my mono brow friend Nat Perks and have no idea what you will be doing at retreat this year (other than drinking and eating and laughing) then why not pop down to the SCRAPPY HOUSE and grab a few extension kits to complete. There is 30% off these babies whilst Tania is away and I must say, some of them are damn fine pieces of artwork when they are complete. Especially the ones designed by myself…..Nat’s are too bad either. After you’ve been to the Scrapbook House you best pop down to the bottle-O to stock up on the CS Cow boys too as you’ll be needing them also.

See ya round like a rissole….Lozzy xo


3 responses to “Retreaters

  1. Seem to me Lozzy that nobody has any comments to make about our posts…. they mustn’t love us, like they love that high flying trampster. I think they want photos, don’t you?? Ireckon we could get em some!!!

  2. Ya’ll have to upload some pics!

  3. awah, you sulkin cause no ones talkin to you, seems its school holidays & we are all busy busy busy, hope they are at least readin ya posts, keep up the good work, another day another sale to be made!!

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