Well it’s been smokin’ in da house (The Scrapbook House that is) today coz Rach has been run ragged with customers in the BIG sale.  

Yes “The Boss is away “sale started Thursday and it appears that Geraldton scrappin n crappin folk are hot 4 a bargain.    They were banging on the doors at 10 (Yep, just like the MYER boxing day sale!) and Rach thought she’d better get her “A” into “G” and open the how-ya -goin before the ferals broke it down.   OK, OK , I exaggerate a little but did sound good didn’t it??????

Seriously if you need paper, embellies, anything scrapbooking get in quick coz, well … all the good stuff will go FAST  and then you will only have crap to put on ya layouts won’t ya??????

Until tomorrow…. catcha round like a rissole!!!

                                               The Perkinator n the Lozzinator!!!


One response to “SMOKIN’ IN DA HOUSE!!!!!

  1. Busy busy busy, the days are flying by, & the sales stock is flying out the door!! be quick to bag a bargin, not sure how much longer Tania will let us run this one for, she is home next week & will be checking up on what ive been up to, PLEASE HELP clear space for the new stock the shell be happy, you will have the bargins & I will still have a job!!

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