First in BEST dressed!

It seems that the Littlely family have NO immediate plans to be home soon…. in fact we’re not sure if they’re ever coming back.   We thought we would give you this opportunity (Because they don’t know we’re talkin about em!) to tell us what you really think about them, their “High flying” antics, their rude, demanding children, their flea infested animals and their stupid black car!!!    C’mon tell us!!!   (You know you want to!)

Or tell us what they’ve got,  that you really WANT!   (I’ve got first dibbs on Tania’s Tim Holtz leather stamp holders!!!)                                      Now I don’t want this to be an online “Fight club” but I want you to all queue in an orderly manner whilst we sought out who will WIN the LOSER CRUISER!!!!    Lozzy n I will be the judges and our decision is final!!!!!!   (No correspondence will be entered into!!!  If you would like to speak to us personally send us an email  and we will certainly give you a good hard look ova!!!

Got some more BIG news for you tomorrow and PLZ remember that “THE BOSS IS AWAY” sale continues this week at THE SCRAPBOOK HOUSE… so you’ve still got time to bag a bargain!

Until tomorrow…. See you round like a rissole!!

                                      Nat n the Lozzinator!!


One response to “First in BEST dressed!

  1. Sale is going good, each day more goes out the door, thank goodess, we NEED the space for new stock that is arriving, I am having a bit of a change around & finding bits to add to the sale each day so its worth another look if you have already been in.

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