Hello from Bali

I can’t belive it’s taken me so long to blog.. but then I can too. I have been crazy busy, then incapacitated, and now off on a holiday.

I have been busting to tell you our news of where we are and what we are up to… it’ so amazing.

I have tonnes of  photos.. and the one tonight of Andrew with the muscle men was just a treat… You’ll have to check back… too many cameras to upload. MUSTget sleep… Waterbom tomorrow with early start (and ya’ll know how I love an early start – not) Too many Blue Lagoons tonight on our cruuise too, so my typing skills are lacking. Hee hee.

Here are a couple off Em’s camera from the first day.

I was one very happy lady to be off those awful drugs and mobile again… the day before going I checked myself out of hospital (against Dr’s wishes) and MADE myself get going. One the nausea subsided I was good to go! Wheelchair for the first day… really really rickety in the streets of Bali I can tell you! But we did it… we are brave!

There are so may photos of my boys (all 3 here) being nutters… seems only right that they end up here. They were so happy and excited to be going overseas on such a big holiday.

The Hard Rock Hotel is an awesome place to be..

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode… as there was a slight hiccup in Mark’s bookings. Slight… As in… he had nowhere to stay as he was booked for another week, not now. OMG

Don’t worry… all is sorted now.. have to upload some pics. We are staying somewhere else now.

See ya’ll soon.

Off to get burned at Waterbom tomorrow. 🙂


6 responses to “Hello from Bali

  1. stay safe, relax, continue havin fun, have a couple of drinkies for me, the cats & dogs are fed, the pot plats watered, house still stannding, alls well here, chatt soon, xxx

  2. ps, workin on a couple of cards (ideas from your mags) & getting up to date with scrappin samples, see ya, xx

  3. Love that shot of the kids (the closer up one)- I bet they are having a ball!

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