Keepin you up to speed

Hello from us in Bali

We are having such a wonderful time. First and foremost… my back is competely better. No more inflammation, that means I can walk! And walk I have been! Holy moly! Walking, swimming, stairs, swimming, cruising, shopping. Ditched the chair for good! Walking is good for me… lifting is not. So I get to walk (shop) and my King gets to carry my bags. OMG how spoiled am I?

I have been busting to tell you about our accomodation change. We have been “upgraded” to another hotel for a week. Going back to the Hard Rock will be slumming it.

we are now in Private Villas… each family has one. Each villa has 2 units, and one dining/kitchen/cabana as well as a private pool each. Each villa has it’s own locked gate (with security) and is surrounded by thick concrete walls, gardens and grasses areas. I should get my A into G and take soem photos, but I will post Emily’s camera.  This is better than first class. Unfreaking believable.

We kept waiting for the camera crew to come out and say it was a joke, bu they haven’t kicked us out yet.

We have also:
Been shopping – Mark is the Bartering king… I hate bartering, but  I like buying. Bought a couple of dresses, and a few nicknaks . Got some paintings tonight!
Been eating and drinking – lots and lots and lots and lots (not so much drinking, but having fun)
Been on a Dinner Cruise with caberet show – was merry.
Been to Denpesar, came home and cried. Hate the poverty, wish we could help everyone.
Been to Waterbom park – had a blast.
Had my hair braided – looks awesome, Emily looks like a superstar, (got an expensive one, but looks SO good people are stopping us and asking where she got hers done.) must take more photos!

Haven’t had a massage yet.
Havent’ had my nails done yet.
Haven’t had a pedicure yet. (unless you count the revolting fish tank where they eat the dead skin of you -OMG yuck)
Haven’t been to the beach

I’ll leave you with some pics and hopefully have more later. The last picture is worth it! My darling King had everyone laughing, he’s having a great time… so nice to see him so happy. (but he does get funnier, and naughtier too)

One response to “Keepin you up to speed

  1. you go guys, Ive been posting on facebook, these are cool photos, cant wait to see the ones you are not posting, lol, xxx

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