Road Rage!!!!!

Nat and I took  Andy’s Monaro for a spin to the Show and Shine yesterday but nobody liked it and they told us it was a heap of black crap. They told us where to go. We were full of road rage in anger so we thought ‘we’ll fix you’! We rammed their brand new Monaro. We’re a bit frightened to tell Andrew. Does anyone know if the car is insured and whoz a good panel beater?

Not sure if we’ll be talking to you ever again after this escapade.

We HOPE to see you round like a rissole if he doesn’t hire a hit man.

Perkinator and Lozzinator.


5 responses to “Road Rage!!!!!

  1. I reckon we r in the SHITE real deep this time Lozzy!!!! I reckon we should be lookin for protective custody, a bodyguard or someone with MAFIA connections !!!!!
    BASILIA !!!!!!!!

    • Perhaps we should contact the police and say that he has been abusive to us and stalks us. We could say how he stalks you in the school car park every day and then we might be able to get a restraining order or something.

  2. OOOh you are onto it, I think Lozzy!!!!!
    He does have that stalker look about him doesn’t he????
    Have you contacted Basilia yet????

  3. It sure was tempting to take it for a spin while I was house sitting but Andy hid the keys so I only found the keys for the Looser cruser, no quite my style any more, lol, but I could see me flying down the street with the wind in my hair, just love the sound it makes when Andy floores it, they will have to come back cause Andy has probably forgotten where he hid the keys!!

  4. Don’t stress Rach…. a GF of mine is on with the guy from a local locksmith place and I have got keys cut for the Monaro and the shop and the shop’s toilet….. very handy when you are down town and Busting!!!!!

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