This is Lozzy…

I was checking on the home open at Tania’s house when i saw this lady sneaking away with Tania’s Tim Holtz (pbtitupta) stamp binders. I chased after her and tackled her to the ground, we wrestled, her lipstick came off and she broke a nail so i have DNA evidence. She bit me on the leg and pulled out some hair from my head but the COW got away. Any information regarding this incident please contact crime stoppers on 1800 741 928.

See ya round like a rissole.



7 responses to “WANTED!!!!

  1. Mmmm Whilst the cat is away the mice will play.

  2. Or should that be little rats?

  3. Im sure I saw that lady yesterday pinchin stuff at the store!!

  4. I saw them down the car yards in a black monaro!!!!
    p.s. towing a chrysler too!!

  5. I think that chic looks a lot like me????
    I reckon someone is trying to BE me!!!!!! Not that i would steal ANYTHING but a bag of tomatoes from a stall !!!!!!!

  6. Or a zucchini !!!!

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