Holidays r 4 scrappin!

Well the holidays are well n truly upon us and what better way to wind down than a few lazy days in the scrap room.   I have set myself a goal to clear some of the back-log of photos that continue to mount up due to my compulsion to photograph allsorts of “things”.

I raced down to THE SCRAPBOOK HOUSE yesterday because i “needed” some glue, had a chat to Rachel, checked out some new “Collections” how-ya-goins, purchased these lil necessaties and some new paper that I felt would be “handy’ and drove home pleased that I had helped the Littlely family purchase a few more cocktails in Bali.     Pulling into the driveway it dawned on me….. no glue!!     Bugger!!!!

So I hit the scrap room last night… kids in bed, hubby snoring blissfully on the lounge….. yay!!!!!

I sat, n sat, n sat…. looked at my papers, moved them round, photos didn’t match, got more papers off the shelf…. liked the other papers better…. then I spotted new embellies that I bought from Tania last week that I “needed”  and they didn’t match any bloody thing that was in front of me.    Pulled more papers off the shelf… scrap room starting to look like a mine site in Bosnia or Tania after a few “Blue Lagoons” in Bali.  (SCARY!!!!)   Finally,   45 minutes later I have decided on papers, embellies and photos…. hoobloodyray!!!   I am a joke… procrastinate far toooooo much…. but don’t sweat because at 3.15am I could stand up and proudly look down on my layout and say “Onya Nat, that only took you…. 6 bloody hours!!!!!!”

Thank God for holidays…. sleep ins are the best!!!!!

7 responses to “Holidays r 4 scrappin!

  1. glad to be of service Nat, at least you got some scrappin done, all I managed was a coat of paint (wait till drys) then a coat of crackle medium (wait till it drys) last night, put the second coat of paint on this morning & still waiting for it to dry!! Oh yea, working on a canvas sign for my “studio” door, got the idea from the new Prima ideas book that came in yesterdays order, yummo!!

  2. hey perkinator..this is a very lame post!!!! what’s happening??? it’s all very quiet..I see you are doing some serious and productive work now! had lunch at ‘some’ cafe at Northgate on wed and the owner wasn’t even there!! talk about slack!
    you will have to play up some more next week when the Littlely’s come home with the Bali Blues!!!! THUD!

  3. God Nat we could be the same person! Although I scrap in a pretty simple style it can take me just as long to get a layout done…..only difference is I cleanand tidy as I go and I hoard adhesives so there’s no chance of running out!

  4. OOOOh I’m glad you are putting ya hubby’s hard earned $$$ in my till for my next round of cocktails Mrs Ganzer!
    Yes decided to go a bit tamer with this post coz I think everyone thinks that the Lozzinator and oneself are a tad ova the top at times. we need to put on our big girl knickers and mature it up a bit. And look people comment when I’m mature with my posts!!!!
    Oh yeh Louise… I’m so slow….. packing and getting my shite together for retreat and I’ve packed 6 lil goody bags for myself but probably won’t get thru them…. but I can dream eh????

    • ahhhummmm scuse me mrs perkinator…MY hard earned $$$$$ I do have a very good paying job y’no!!!!!
      I just couldn’t think of anything to top your wild posts. Gosh knows who reads these pages so I was playing it safe and keeping my usual low profile!
      keep up your good work and everyone else’s great efforts so the Littlely’s can have a family holiday!!!
      aww sentimental me again..

  5. Hi Tania,
    Love the blog, and looks like you guys have a great time!! Cant wait to get back into scrapbooking again, not that I am any good, its on my to do list!! Thanks for some inspiration though!

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