Dress ups anyone?

Nat here.

It is so nice and convenient having the Lozzinator and the Boyezinator just up the road. I could call on them any time to look after my babies whilst Tim and I went out. Isn’t it nice having nice reliable baby sitters….You know the ones that you can leave with your children knowing that they will all play nicely together right up untill they’ll have your precious angels tucked in tight for bed?  Well thats what i thought we had…… then i saw my camera……

See ya round like a Rissole…

The Perkinator.


4 responses to “Dress ups anyone?

  1. Forgot to post this…. For all your babysitting needs contact these “qualified” child carers by email http://www.takinthepissoutya.com.au and they will be sure to take you up on the offer coz they ARE NOT in high demand and there schedule is well……..empty!!!
    WONDER WHY?????

  2. lol, looks like the kids had fun, isnt that what its all about??

  3. hehehe…who had more fun? the kids or the “responsible” babysitters?

  4. Oh Yeh Rach…. they had fun alright!!! They love Lozzy coming ova… apparently next time they’re coming in 80’s clothes. I’m thinking David in a taffeta, puffed sleeve number with white stilettos, blue eyeshadow and pearls… sounds like a bad porn movie except I reckon he would looooove every bit of it. !!!!!

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