This week

Firstly I must apologise for taking leave of my blog for so long… I had my Dad and Step-Mum here for a little while, then I spent some time in hospital, then some time out of the country and I’ve also been busy at work, we have retreat coming up and Term 4 classes, (which I am behind on… need a “card class designer” – help! ) I have also become pre-occupied with Facebook a little, I had no phone or email for a while so got kinda hooked on it, I love the “interaction” of it, so if you are not already, pop over and “like” the Scrapbook House there.


Secondly I must apologise for allowing 2 feral friends access to my blog.


My goodness they had fun didn’t they? Who would have thought they’d put my house up for sale… sell off all my stock at half price and send my cat to the crayfishermen? Nice friends huh? And steal my Tim Holtz Binders full of stamps… now come on! Fair suck of the sav, there has to be a line somewhere.  But they sure are good for a laugh. All in good fun. I have a pretty good sense of humour, but I am glad my stamps are ok. 🙂


I am home from holidays, my house is still here (although there were a few offers on it) and my animals are still alive. Thank goodness those living in my house made sure all was safe and well, and Mum and Wendy made sur Joshua was safe and well too. The shop is still there.. ever  busy and I am sinking in jobs to do.  All is normal again.

Our trip to Bali was wonderful.

My hospital trip was awful.

The shop has had massive sales.

The retreat is coming up… days away.

Term 4 Classes are looking awesome.

and I am getting a start on our Halloween party.

There is nothing quite so humbling than being completely incapacitated. Totally unable to move and in so much pain you’d rather not be conscious. There is nothing quite so sad as the worried look on your children’s faces as they watch the officers inject you to move you and take you away in an ambulance. My baby girl sat by my side all day, at home, in the ambulance, in emergency and on the ward. She left only to go to the bathroom and then was right there again. God I love that kid. My darling concerned King had to care for Josh, so needed to be home,and relied on the Princess too, to be sure I would be ok.  The next 2 days were awful. Needless to say I am grateful for nurses and the wonderful job they do. You don’t need details, but they were so lovely in what could have been a very humiliating position for me and I am ever-so thankful.  

Then, as soon as I could walk, against Dr’s orders I checked myself out. My back has a little “break” right down low, and what happens is if I overdo it (like I tend to do occasionally when I’m trying to catch up) it becomes inflamed and then WHAMMO, pushes the spine forward and then there’s no action.. only pain. Oh the pain. So I know… that once the inflammation goes down then so will the pain. I need to exercise and the sooner I am out of bed the better, so the day I could stand I was elated. Earlier than expected, but with our Bali trip coming up what better incentive? I was walking with a frame and in a wheelchair, but I WAS GOING. This trip had been planned for 3 years.. I had saved that long for it… and none of us were about to give it up that easily

Bali is not the kind of place you get around in a wheelchair. We did do the streets one day in the chair, and I would have been better off calling room service I think, but I was keen to see this new country. I was prepared and enjoyed the new sights, sounds (but not so much the smells)

Once in Bali, within days I was back to my normal self. And then I was flogging around!

We lazed by the pool for the first day and sorted our accommodation. We cruised, we shopped, we did everything!

 And perhaps this was one Blue Lagoon too many?

We totally had the best time… in the best company with Mark, Lisa, Chels and Joe!

The shop has been as busy as ever, and with retreat coming up it’s one of our biggest months. We have been moving out our old stock to make room for the new, so there’s great bargains to be had as well as new stock to drool over.

Basic Grey has always been one of our best lines… so of course we have that… I have been playing with the newest products too, Marjolaine and Curio… Oh you are going to LOVE Curio. I haven’t finished my shop layouts yet, they need photos, perhaps I can use some holiday photos.

Prima has been restocked and the newest shipment has arrived.. oh my… no wonder we need to pre-order this. It’s beautiful. Get in quick before Nat gets it all. Prima papers, felts, flowers and notecards.

Retreat is only 3 more sleeps… we have been busy packing and working out prizes… oh that’s fun. We are sure to have fun!

And I have been busy this week making my Halloween invitations.. will share later.. lets just say the Cricut has been getting the workout of the year.. Thanks Al for the cartridge… so must get that Storybook for myself.

There’s always more, but I need to go sort some photos to print for retreat.

See you all soon.


5 responses to “This week

  1. Was thinking that you were a BAD, BAD BLOGGER but you have redeemed yourself!!!!

  2. Who in the world was taking a photo of the Ambo as it drove it?

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