Had a Blast

There were three teams.

Team “Skansters”, Team “Classy Tarts” and Team “Awesome”.

I just spent an amazingly fun filled weekend together away scrapbooking and having fun with 21 great girls. Thankyou for the memories~! I’ve been laughing over the photos and trying to figure out which ones I will let you see and it’s now way too late but I will give you a quick run-down.

Together we produced a lot of scrapbook layouts, I mean a LOT. I did lose count, which is not terribly hard seeing as I am a little challenged in the math department but I do know that Team “Awesome” were pumping those scrapbook layouts so fast it made me dizzy! They had the help from Norks N and Jigolo J from Twiddleybitz who came to spend the weekend with us from Perth (we had 4 wonderful people make the trip from Perth… now that’s dedication!)

Klassy K did arrive in style -flying in from Perth… in her pyjamas, telling anyone who asked a different story… what a crack up. I don’t know which ‘story’ I would believe more.. the one about losing a bet… or the one about just coming straight from the hospital. Hahaha… the laughs started when we all got there.. and continued till pack up time.

Team “Classy Tarts” did well in the games night, which helped to bring the points tally up a little with their noble efforts. The most layouts by one person award came from that team (and we are scalping team-mates for next year) and Juicy J took home the JudyO Award – a $50 Scrapbook House voucher for a total of 30 layouts! Wowsers… I think I managed 6.

 Team “Skanster” never stood a chance, we were doomed to be losers from the very beginning… but we sure did have fun!

Here’s the team in fine form on Saturday night… our theme was Black and White – anything goes.

First up Team One – Skansters…

Team Two – Classy Tarts

Team Three – Awesome (Four-some plus 3)

ok… I really have to go to bed. Completely utterly exhausted. I know you will be dying to know what we got up to… but it’ll have to wait till the next exciting episode… xxx

 Nighty night.

One response to “Had a Blast

  1. So much fun, book me in for next year.
    Dirty D

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