2011 Calendar Kit

Pre-order your calendar kit now.

2011 Spiral Bound Calendar Kit 8″X8

Includes everything needed to complete a handmade calendar featuring 13 of Basic Grey’s top collections. 

Shelf price is $36.95

pre-order yours with me for just $29.95



12 responses to “2011 Calendar Kit

  1. looks yummy, do we have a price? I would like one, thanks.

  2. I have one please!!! 🙂

    • Sure thing Daneale. I will contact you regards payment. Want me to post it to you or will you have another ‘messenger’ sometime in the next few weeks?

  3. Two please Tania. Hope all is well.xo

    • Hi Pat, 2 for you – sure!
      All is well in the land of the Littlely’s. Hope the McNaughties are doing well too. Ice cream cake for Josh man today, went for a walk/run with him round the block today, what a laugh. He rocks back and forward to go faster, laughing and dribbling the whole way. Funny.

  4. Hi Tanya, one for me please – that may even inspire me to finish the pages of my 2009 calendar class album! I’m so slack. When are they due in? I’ll be in town later on this week some time.

    • Sure thing Donna. Come in and do your old calendar with us one day or night during ‘open scrap’. We’ll get your scrapping mojo back for you. xx

  5. Hi Tania, is it too late to pre-order a 2011 calender?

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