Retreat 2010

This year we had a lot of laughs at The Scrapbook House Retreat. When you get arrivals like this what can you expect?

Then this one turned up in her PJ’s. That would be ok if it were any normal arrival… but this chick arrived at the Perth Airport in this getup, complete with sleeping blindfold and slippers, to be flown to Geraldton to be with us. We love you Klassy K! xxx Funny as.

After an icebreaker with some truths and some lies, we found out each other’s names and gave them all nicknames to match. Oh what fun that was! I am so pleased everyone was up for some fun and went with the ride. We introduced Norks N and Jigolo J from Twiddleybitz who  had also made the trek (4 hours by car) to be with us to demo, sell and do make and takes with their great line of products. We sure made a dent in Norks’ stock so she would be lighter going home. Twiddley was well received – you can find more in store.. perhaps go to their Ning site to check them out.

Here we are getting into the scrapping mojo… and there sure was some super scrapping being done.

This year we ran a little ‘competition’ and it was on for young and old with scrapping challenges, games and hilarious activities throughout the weekend.

During the day we took a break for “photobooth” sessions… Norty had a great idea there and we got some terrific shots.

The Saturday night games was fiercely competitive, but left my team still lagging behind. We had mental, physical and scrapping games.. fun!

We had this one – with streamers, which left  one member from each team, (Loopy L, Mysterious M and Killer K), exhausted with sore arms.

 Then we had a more subdued game… a simple game of sorting… hee hee… Norty N, Raunchy R and Erotic E were up for it and gave it their all,  with Raunchy R victorious for points for her team.

Another game was a ten minute scrap challenge… bring 10 things you can’t live without to the table, then invite 2 friends….

And I am thinking of submitting this work to the magazine. What do you reckon? Publish- worthy? 🙂

 The last game was a word game… funny how you can’t think when the pressure is on… and boy was the pressure on! Alcho A, Jazzy J and Killer K gave it their best shot amongst the noise and chaos.

 We had dress up fun – man those girls are crazy! Best prizes went to Michael Jackson, Miss Universe and the Black & White Minstrel. I might add that I  have plenty of good bribe material worth of photographs on file. Haha.

Then those naughty people at Golden Pond Retreat surprised me with a huge birthday cake and a song. xxx ♥ you!

The fun continued through till Sunday until we finally had to pack up to go home. We added up all the points and Team Awesome was the clear winner on 125 points, with Team Classy Tarts following with 117 points and the lousy effort by Team Skansters saw them with 91 points. It was all in the best of fun and went tremendously. Magic M was crowned Queen of the Crop this year with her lovely work and everyone received many prizes.

It truly was a wonderful weekend and I am so lucky to have spent the weekend with 21 terrific ladies. Thankyou. xx


4 responses to “Retreat 2010

  1. A HUGE, HUGE thank you to you Tania for a rooly, trooly, hootingly fun weekend. Our goody bags courtesy of The Scrapbook House were extremely generous, the food was yummy (Thanx Raelene!) and I can’t wait for next year!!!
    I feel I need to swap to another team next year tho…. our team leader (Trashy!) didn’t put in 100% and therefore dragged our team and morale down. Boozy Baz and myself worked diligently into the wee small hours to try and boost our points total along and the rest of the lazy good-fors went to bed before midnight. WTFUDGE????
    If TRASHY does not get her A into G for next year we will demand her resignation !!!!

    • Hey thanks for that Norty Nat.
      That’s it though… your’re booted off the team! You’re too slow anyhow, anyone who takes 12 hours solid to complete 1 layout is a liability. Haha.

  2. So rude!!!

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