Getting ready

Tis that time of year… and my family start to get excited as the Halloween decorations come out. The invitations are out for our party and we have been busy with the oven.

I used the Cricut machine with the Design Studio to cut the gate-folds for my invitations this year. The inner page was created in Photoshop and printed onto cream Prisma card. The little old Cricut was humming along with all the detail for each card it got a little warm. Gosh I certainly get use from my little bug.

I was coerced into buying pumpins to carve. I did not really want to. I didn’t want to spend any money. I didn’t want to clean up the mess. I didn’t want anyone to cut themselves. I didn’t sooky kids that couldn’t cut through the tough outer skin. I didn’t want to end up doing it for them.

But I ended up paying the money – when they went out on special for 12 bucks each. Still I didn’t really want to do it.

They came home with me today, wobbling about in my boot, rolling her and there as I took each round-a-bout and I winced with every thud in the boot, fearing a big gooey pumpkin mess as one smashed.

I pulled up at one stage and re-adjusted them so they wouldn’t roll and spoil my lovely little car.

We made it home safe. Thank goodness. I wasn’t going to be a happy camper if there was pumkin guts in my boot. No way!

The kids were pretty pleased to see the bright orange vegies waiting for them. I have never seen an orange pumkin like this in real life before, and nor had they, so it was quite an experience. Our pumpkins (or punkins as my King calls them) are small with very thick green or yellowish skin. Not big and orange and hollow-sounding, and very light! These ones almost look plastic!

We tidied the house a bit and made 144 quiches then turned our hands to pumpkin carving. What fun! I take it all back. Who cares about the mess? It was the best 12 bucks per kid I’d spent in ages!

They got gooey and began with rubber gloves! It wasn’t long before the gloves were off and they were deep into it though.

 Pumpkin guts – eww.

We really got into the groove of carving a face with each kid wanting to do one different. I had to hold myself back from interfering, I wished I had my own!  We drew up a template each and then marked it on, then stab stab at it till it was looking good!

I did get to do the difficult teeth on Matthews and the eyes on Daniels, but they didn’t want to give up that knife!

Don’t they look wicked?

6 responses to “Getting ready

  1. they look really wicked

  2. Wish I had children (younger ones) so that I could try this out it looks like so much fun. Emily, Matthew and Daniel you should be really proud of your work they look GREAT!

  3. looking forward to seeing them tonight, got the mummies made, costume, hair & makeup all done, just waiting for my ride….

  4. coerced????? I don’t think so????

  5. Wow, they look sensational! By Saturday arvo here Woolies had carved them themselves and were selling them out for 5 bucks.

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