Happy Halloween

Halloween this year was combined with my 40th birthday party. Yes I am that old.

We had fun and this year we took it to the Spalding Park Golf Club (go Byron) where we let loose with our decorating skills. I  had so much help to make it happen and it looked awesome, a transformation! (much to the distaste of some ‘older’ club members – hee hee) My friends, Nat, Michele, and Basilia, along with Isabelle and Kayleen helped my family, Lauren Emily and Mum to get it all ship-shape for the big night.

 The scene setters looked awesome… go to Let’s Party and see Cathy for anything you need! We added black plastic to the top with duct tape and it was perfect. I might add that I let the ‘young uns’ get up and do the work… I wouldn’t want to throw a hip or anything.

We brought the witch and her cauldron to life again (with new lights this year)

We set up a Lolly Buffet – I had this in mind to do for the longest time and it looked just as good as I hoped it would.

My brother arrived from Perth with his family (and I got the first of many cuddles from my newest nephew Sam) Then we went home to “dress up”  and get back before the guests arrived.

I’ll share some guests photos soon, I have to nick them off other people as I didn’t take many. Everyone looked so awesome.  Here are some that I have flogged off facebook.

More to come… gotta get some zzz’s now before the new week begins!


4 responses to “Happy Halloween

  1. Was a spooktacular event Tania!!!!

  2. Great night, the dressing up was SO MUCH fun. (Even for those of us who fit it really hard to know what looks good)

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