Party Goers!

I just love a good dress-up party and everyone knows it, so when you get an invitation to one of our Halloween parties you know everyone will go all out. Everyone that is, except my Pop. Who will NOT dress up for anyone. Not even his grandaughter. But he came… and that in itself is wonderful… and he stayed… past his bedtime. Love ya Pop!

I promised photos of our guests and have been able to nick quite a few. I’ll try not to double up.. and I do need to find Mrs O’Snap Happy Malley to see what she has on her camera yet.. I bet she has some beauties!

Here is the King and I, both looking a little freaky.

The Wicked Witch flew in with Pirate Pete

The Dingle dangle Scarecrow… have you ever seen a prettier scarecrow than this? Great outfit! 

The two Woodies and Jess. Ye har Cowboy! Somebody’s poisoned the waterhole! 

Ghoul School Prom Queen and her date, looking mighty swish.

My lovely Pop with 2 of his girls.

The Belle of the Ball.. Child #2.

Of course I have more.. but I am tired (yet again) what is WITH that?  But stay tuned.. there will be more.

Chow for now.

One response to “Party Goers!

  1. awesome costumes!!!

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