Lucky me

For my birthday I got a new Ryobi Biscuit Joiner. And a new Sander. And a new Router! They came free with a new scrapbooking desk.

No, just kidding, they are the new toys my King needed to complete the job. I know… the right tool for the right job.


This is my birthday present that my darling husband has been working on every day, just for me… because he loves me. Aren’t I just the luckiest duck there ever was?

I  just have to brag too… it’s going to measure at 2.4 metres long!

Lucky lucky me!


10 responses to “Lucky me

  1. ohhhhh lucky lucky you..

    • yup… and I’m gonna fill every bit of it with all my stuff! haha. Can’t wait, it’s looking so good. He’s working on the top here… won’t be too much longer and it’ll be mine.

  2. All I will say is…. contrary to popular belief… size DOES matter!!!
    You are so, so ….spoilt!!!

  3. But you are worth it!!!!

  4. Good to see he has all the safety facets covered! Eyes, ears and mouth. Scott Cam and the DFBB will be disappointed.

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