Our favourite storage has been restocked and we now have more in store again. Those of you who had it pre-ordered are sure to have your items held for you.

These are the storage boxes we use in our workshop, they fit the 12 x 12 papers perfectly, with room to spare. Even those bigger papers with the description strip on them, and packs of papers too. There are 2 sizes, the ‘one” and the “slim”, and each size comes in an open core, or a divided core. They stack, or can be stored upright on their ends. Alternatively,you can order cubes (like we have in the workroom) so you never have to worry about the one on the bottom becoming an issue, Up to 6 slims fit in a cube.

This is the best storage system we have found for our scrapbooking products and we love the way they look. Functional and solid. The bigger “one’s” have handles too, making them more portable.


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