Knee Knocking

Our special little boy is ‘knee knocking’ again. Alleluia. I just noticed.

It’s been a long time. A long long time.

His scrawny little legs must be feeling better as I was squishing him the other night (I force cuddles out of the poor lad)  I noticed he was doing his “happy-flap”. For a boy who cannot talk it’s a way for us to see how he is feeling… and flapping his legs together, knocking his knees, (could just be out of boredom) but shows us he is happy. We always tease and say he’s like a dog wagging his tail and he “knee knocks” when I come toward him for a  kiss and a tickle.

I haven’t seen him do this since before his surgery, and that was so long ago I had almost given up thinking he would ever do it again. I liked it when he flapped about, and after surgery he was ever-so-still. Scary still. Month by month he’s improved until like magic I just notice he’s knock, knock, knocking again.

His wounds on his legs haven’t quite healed as I would have liked and he doesn’t like to roll on his side anymore, but he’s better every month.  It fills me with dread thinking of next year (which is coming up way too fast) when he goes back and they go in again to remove the pins and plates. I can’t help but hope that once they are gone and he heals, that it’ll be more comfortable and he might be able to sleep on his side again. I can feel them under his skin, so foreign and misshapen.

The scar on the right side is healing much better, and after 7 months I thought they would have healed completely, just over an inch of puckering left to go on this side. The left side though, all 5 inches are still puckered. Wonder why?

His feet and ankles has been (in my humble opinion) a waste of time, effort and pain for Joshua. The casts were plain awful and although they have done their best, I cannot see much of a difference. Months later I see a slight change, but he still needs AFO (artificial foot orthosis) for most of the day to straighten them. The wounds here thankfully have healed beautifully, and the pressure sore healed perfectly. There are only a couple of small marks to remind us what he went through and we can move them about, tickle and play with no sign of discomfort. Ok, so now I am looking at these photos, and thinking maybe there is an improvement. I might just have to take back that statement about it being a waste of time… and he can tolerate his AFO’s much better now than before. Only a tiny little scar on the left ankle, but the two inch ones on his right foot are almost healed and ever so feint now.

He will never walk, that is a given, but to hear that familiar knock knock of this knees is both funny and comforting at the same time. Now that old cat who has taken to sleeping on the end of his bed better look out.


6 responses to “Knee Knocking

  1. Glad to hear that Joshy is happy tonight after you said today that he wasn’t very well!!!

  2. Sounds like the poor young man went through horrific surgery. Must have been such a stressful period for you all.
    Glad to hear he is recovering, and some good has come from it.
    Happy to read he is expressing himself, with his knee knocking. It may seem strange to some readers, to be happy with this, but I do so understand. I have 2 who stim.
    My best wishes for further recovery for Josh, and more expression.

  3. Good to hear. Yeah, I’d have thoght his scars would be all but gone too. Something to do with lack of muscle movement??? But better than it was xxx

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